Wade fly reels are not only beautiful workhorses ready to take on the meanest game fish in the ocean, they are a reflection of who we are, our approach to the fish we catch and a lifetime spent on the water.

If on the trip of your life you run into the fish of your dreams, show some respect.
Catch it using a reel that will last you a lifetime, just like the memory of that fish.


Our second series of reels have been designed for the most pristine freshwater fisheries on the planet.
For freshwater fly anglers the most iconic dry fly fisheries on the planet are sacred waters. Be it the Harriman Ranch or Sterkfontein Dam,
seeing trout sipping emergers or smallmouth yellowfish sipping flying ants is a privilege. Experiencing it with a fly rod in your hand is humbling. For a reel to perform here it needs to be a beautiful functional tool worthy of the surroundings in stature and performance.