new carnax reels

Caranx Reel

Overview Specs Few will argue that GTs are the alpha predators on any Indian Ocean atoll flat. Many things have been said about them to try and describe their power and aggression. A school of trophy GT’s on the hunt is an impressive sight, their dominance on the flats clearly illustrated by everything else making[…]

new chanos reels

Chanos Reel

Overview Specs The Chanos was designed for a 10 weight fly rod, which is an exceptionally versatile and demanding saltwater line weight that can be used for targeting a variety of species. You might use your 10 weight to target smaller laid up Tarpon or GT’s…but you know that once in a while you are[…]


At Wade Fly Reels we believe in the simple things in life and that philosophy reflects in the design principles behind our fly reels. We set out to produce functional, hard working and elegant fly reels to create a perfect balance between function and form.

new albula reels

Albula Reel

Overview Specs Bonefish are known for their searing long runs. You need a drag strong enough to keep the fatties from reaching the edge of the flat, but at the same time it has to be smooth and constant enough to protect light tippets during sudden spurts and short runs at the end of the[…]