Reel handle feature

The reel handle tapers downwards and is not in a concave shape nor does it have any ridges on it. To the untrained eye this doesn’t make a difference but for guides this is a big deal. It means no longer experiencing breakoffs from the line wrapping around the reel handle when a big fish[…]

Drag Knob Feature

An oversized drag knob means it’s easy for you to find and a lot easier to adjust, especially when your fingers are trembling with that monster heading for the horizon. Gone are the days of turning the drag knob endlessly to get a response! Wade reel drags go from zero to full in 450 degrees[…]

o-ring feature

Spool change o-ring: We don’t like doing it but sometimes a spool change on a boat is called for. Loose parts mean that it’s easy for something to fall out and get lost, leaving your reel useless. With the WADE reel a special o-ring lock prevents the “tension shaft” from falling out of the spool[…]