Mykiss Reel



Rainbow trout are known to be some of the pickiest eaters. Sight fishing with dry flies to selective trout on crystal clear spring creeks can be amongst the most technically demanding fishing situations an angler is likely to encounter.

Flawless performance and assistance from your reel is expected. The ultra large arbor will retrieve line quickly and effortlessly. The drag is both smooth and strong to protect light tippets and stop big fish. The drag knob leader groove means no more kinks in 15ft leaders. The smooth machined counter weight means one less thing your line can get stuck on.

The Mykiss weighs in at 134 grams and considering it has a 3,5 inch diameter it is the perfect 4 or 5 weight reel for demanding conditions. It holds 100 yards of backing with a 5 weight floating line. Best of all it is a mechanically strong reel protected with a type-3 anodizing and will last you a lifetime.


Spool Option: Ultra Large Arbor
Line Wt / Yards / Backing:
WF5F line / 80m / 50lb gelspun
WF4F line / 100m / 50lb gelspun

Weight: 134grams / 4.73oz
Spool Diameter: 8.9cm / 3.5in
Spool Width: 2.1cm / 0.83in
Hub Diameter: 5.1cm / 2.01in

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