Trutta Reel



Brown Trout, the fish our grandfathers told us about. The biggest ones love streamers on your 6 or 7wt, that means heavy tippet, strong drags and quick line retrieval. Alternatively go look for them on the spring creeks of New Zealand’s South Island where sight fishing, light tippet, long leaders and smooth drags are the order of the day. Your fly reel can stand between you and the fish of your dreams. The Trutta is a big yet light and strong reel. The line capacity means you won’t run out when hooked to a monster. The drag is powerful enough to stop the biggest freshwater fish yet smooth enough to protect the lightest of tippets. The drag knob leader groove means no more kinks in 15ft leaders. The smooth machined counter weight means one less thing your line can get stuck on. It picks up line at a phenomenal rate yet it is light enough to perfectly balance modern day fly rods.

The Trutta weighs in at 147 grams and considering it has a 3,9 inch diameter it is the perfect 6 or 7 weight trout reel. It holds 100 yards of backing with a 7 weight floating line. Like all WADE reels, it is protected with a type-3 anodizing, meaning it will last you a lifetime.


Spool Option: Ultra Large Arbor
Line Wt / Yards / Backing:
WF7F line / 100m / 50lb gelspun
WF6F line / 120m / 50lb gelspun

Weight: 147grams / 5.19oz
Spool Diameter: 9.9cm / 3.9in
Spool Width: 2.1cm / 0.83in
Hub Diameter: 5.1cm / 2.01in

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